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"New York" Pauly: News

"NO DOUCHEBAGS" T-shirts are in! - July 7, 2010

I am officially in the t-shirt business! My new "NO DOUCHEBAGS" T-shirts are finally here - i will have them available starting this weekend at Irish Kevins. Check out the design in the photo gallery (on this site); i think i've come up with a really cool image for this shirt and i know everyone will want one. Of course, if you are a DOUCHEBAG, please don't even shirt for you!!!

WEB-CAM - August 15, 2008

We finally got a live cam (WITH AUDIO!) hooked up at Irish Kevin's. If you go to IK's website: and click on Live Cam 01 you can actually watch the show on your computer. Technology...awesome!

What's next? Flying cars, I guess...whatever, they've been promising this since the Jetson's and I'm still driving my regular "road car"!

You are correct, sir! - May 16, 2007

If you have been to see my show recently, you may have noticed the big, "menacing" security guard behind the stage who is much more than your average "bouncer". This is Dean and he has become an integral part of my show and a truly valued member of the Irish Kevin's family who, night after night, goes WAY beyond the call of duty; participating in the show in numerous ways: this guy fires up the crowd with his incredible energy and he sings back-up - but the coolest thing, for me, is the "random", unrehearsed banter a la Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon - it's hilarious (he is so damn engaging that occassionally i'll notice the crowd focusing more on him than on me - but it's totally cool - as long as everyone is having fun...that's all i care about). Normally, i would not go on and on; bragging on someone like this, but Dean has become such an invaluable presence that i felt it was time i acknowledged him.
- ny P

PIRATES! - April 16, 2007

What up, pirates: YAAARRRGH!!! Still going strong at Irish Kevin's; into my 4th season now (also looking into more opportunities outside of key west). I hope that more and more of you hooligans are visiting the site, buying the CD, etc...

I finally decided to post the dirty pirate songs - check 'em out by clicking the "MUSIC" link (must be over 18...and drunk). See you soon.
~ ny P

The Motorboat - October 23, 2006

So,there's a phenomenon that is sweeping the nation and it's called "The Motorboat"! For those of you who are unfamiliar with this "procedure":

The Motorboat, by definition, is the act of sticking your face between a pair of breasts (female breasts are preferrable) and shaking your head vigorously while vibrating your lips, simulating the sound of a motor boat.

Used in a sentence:
"Hey, did you see N.Y. Pauly give that girl the motor boat last night!? That motorboatin' son-of-a-bitch!!!"

I have recently tried to implement this bit into my show and I am happy to report that I have found many willing participants! (btw, in case there is some confusion here -- we ARE talking about fully exposed titties - and yes, i realize this is juvenile but it's also hilarious -- i get paid for this shit!!) So, last night...was freakin' classic: first I motorboated these hot twin sisters; then 2 smokin' hot girls got topless and took turns, giving each other the motorboat; finally this young "lady" (with possibly the world's biggest rack) ----came up on stage, sat down on a stool, whipped these HUGE tits out (i positioned the microphone) and this well-endowed (extremely gifted) chick, leaned over (face in her own cleavage) & motorboated...herself!!! Un-freakin'-precedented!!! The crowd (of course) went nuts -- people were weeping it was so damn funny -- never before, in the history of motorboating, has such a feat been attempted...this will surely end up in the motorboat hall of fame!

"Fun with Real Audio" - August 13, 2006

I just added this feature to my site where you can hear me (being obnoxious with the crowd) as soon as you log on. I think it's cool, but you can turn the "hilarious comedy" off, if you want.

LIVE in Key West CD - August 11, 2006

Finally in April, I recorded a CD - NY Pauly - LIVE in Key West. It’s a recording of my show at Irish Kevin’s (Easter weekend, 2006) and I think it sounds great; I was really lucky to have a great crowd! Pick up your copy through this site or at the bar!

Other than that, I am cruising through my 3rd summer on the island and...what can I say...I love my job! If you’re planning to be in Key West, don't miss the show - it's an experience you won't forget!

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