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"New York" Pauly: Bio

Originally from New York, Paul Mandell A.K.A. New York Pauly had been a “singer for hire” with classic rock and blues bands since the age of 16. Pauly got started in high school; playing in and winning “Battle of the Bands” contests and moved on to bar gigs at SUNY College @ Oneonta (got a degree in Speech Communications along the way...somehow?). Finally, after many years of toiling in the corporate world, to pay the rent; singing in bars on weekends for beer money (and for fun), he developed a solo acoustic act and set out to try to make a living as a musician.

“I’ve always loved being on stage. Applause and laughter from a 'warm', captive audience is like a freakin’ drug! There’s just nothing in the world that compares with the thrill of connecting with that live crowd...”

Pauly began performing at venues up and down the east coast before eventually landing in Key West. Irish Kevin’s bar has been home base since August 2003 and for the last twelve years he has rocked Key West crowds with a high energy, interactive show that features classic sing alongs and irish drinking songs combined with his unique brand of “in-your-face” (often sarcastic - sometimes raunchy) humor. Be prepared to be completely shocked and appalled by the occasional, tasteless and filthy pirate song...aaarrrrgh!

“...I think that Irish Kevin’s has become the most popular bar in Key West because it’s a very interpersonal experience (and so much fun) primarily for the tourists but for our loyal, local customers as well. When people walk into the bar for the first time and are immediately engaged by the guy on stage, a very special dynamic is created. From that moment on, they are 'involved' in the show. Ultimately, I am able to form a bond with the crowd where there is an exchange of energy that's really cool... (I’m extremely fortunate to have stumbled upon this very unique gig). I can’t imagine a more gratifying job.”

Truly an entertainer with a show for all audiences; during the day time Pauly has been known to bring a cute little kid up to the stage to sing. For the older folks he might croon some Sinatra. But late night... anything goes! In between songs, he will pick on the crowd mercilessly...and they f**king love it! Audience members are invited to the stage to drink, dance, sing and titty flash...good times! (Pauly, of course, does not condone or encourage this type of behavior at all)

Simply put, N.Y. Pauly delivers the best party in town night after night. Be prepared to sing loud and bring your sense of humor, mother f**kers!